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Silver Slate Arena - Weekend Show

May 29 & 30, 2021


Friday Practice 6 pm | Saturday 9 am | Sunday 8 am


Looking forward to seeing you at Silver Slate!

Mandatory COVID Protocols

Please work with us to ensure we can all enjoy the hospitality of Silver Slate by working within the guidelines. All COVID rules, regulations & screening are mandatory, and require compliance!


⭐️COVID questionnaire will be sent with invoices.


⭐️A mask / face covering is required if you are not astride a horse.


⭐️The indoor loping area is limited for contestants in the current set.


⭐️The upcoming sets can use outdoor pen and when your warm-up is called you can enter the building. Due to the size of this show, warm-ups will be ONLY in the outdoor arena & indoor warm up area during your set. No warm ups in the show pen. 

⭐️Once your run is completed you can have a few minutes to catch your breath and gather your show bag but you must leave the arena as soon as possible - cool your horse and get your coaches feedback outside.

⭐️You are allowed a coach to be in the arena with you but no other spectators including parents, family, friends & children.


These are the rules we will have to live by to continue with May events so lets do a good job and make it easy for Silver Slate next weekend.

Weekend Show May 29 & 30