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The Reined Cowhorse
The Old West created the stock horse, demanding a tough, enduring animal that could go for miles and herd the vast numbers of cattle in a bygone era. Not only was an athletic horse required, but one that could be completely trained in carrying out the everyday tasks of ranch life.

2022 Recipients

Horses of Merit Award



The Alberta Reined Cow Horse (ARCHA) would like to celebrate the great Canadian horses that have made a lasting impact on Cow Horse in Alberta.

The ARCHA would like to recognize horses that are either retired, or are grazing in greener pastures (deceased), who have competed in NRCHA & ARCHA and have minimum 12K in LTE. ​

If you have a horse or know of a horse you would like to nominate, please submit the application below by November 30. Horses not selected in the year nominated are welcome to apply in future years. 

Up to 5 equine athletes will be recognized at the annual Year-End Awards Banquet.


Merit Award Committee will evaluate nominated horses based on the following: ​

  • Lifetime Earnings (Minimum $12K)

  • Aged Event Success

  • Riders Impacted by Horse

  • Career Length

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