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ARCHA Horses of Merit Award



The Alberta Reined Cow Horse (ARCHA) would like to celebrate the great Canadian horses that have made a lasting impact on Cow Horse in Alberta.

The ARCHA would like to recognize horses that are either retired, or are grazing in greener pastures (deceased), who have competed in NRCHA & ARCHA and have minimum 12K in LTE. ​

If you have a horse or know of a horse you would like to nominate, please submit the application below by November 3 annually. Horses not selected in the year nominated are welcome to apply in future years. 

Up to 5 equine athletes will be recognized at the annual Year-End Awards Banquet.


Merit Award Committee will evaluate nominated horses based on the following: ​

  • Lifetime Earnings (Minimum $12K)

  • Aged Event Success

  • Riders Impacted by Horse

  • Career Length

2023 Recipients

2022 Recipients

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